‘With Every Satisfied Customer Our Circle Grows Stronger’

In 2009 two of Australia’s most awarded promotional companies recognised the synergies that would be engendered as the result of a merger.

As friendly, rival entrepreneurs, brothers, Dorry Kordahi (DKM) and Danny Kordahi (DK Blue) were like a classic Venn diagram.

Each company was in similar sectors of the same business field, yet each had specialist areas: off-shore sourcing (DKM) and uniforms & online capabilities and uniforms (DK Blue).

They decided that by coming together in the confluent centre of the Venn they would not only be able to take advantage of multiple synergies and attendant economies of scale, but create a hybrid company the like of which had never existed before and still does not.

Now it is a company that corporations and companies can partner with as the perfect ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all their corporate uniform and promotional merchandise needs.

In addition, the services are supported by a comprehensive in-house design service, a long-established Shanghai sourcing office with sixteen staff as well as an in-house e-commerce team to create and manage websites for clients.

Enjoying a host of blue-chip clients spanning multi-national conglomerates in the fields of QSR, Automotive, Public Transport, Beverage, Finance and Government DKM Blue is equipped with a full spectrum of specialist service offers for all industry sectors.

Thus, by closing the edges of the two circles, the company that was created at the centre was double in strength.

And the DKM Blue motto simply wrote itself.