How Dorry Kordahi claims he’s fixing what’s wrong with Australian retail fashion

Dorry Kordahi, valued at $20 million on 2013’s BRW Young Rich list, has just completed his second retail fashion acquisition in 15 months, and will continue to consolidate operations in a way he claims has slashed 80 per cent from the cost of opening a new Australian store. Kordahi’s DKM Blue group has purchased the Read on.
Sometimes, to the outside world, it may seem as though landing a major business deal is a success that happens overnight. DKM Blue’s Co-Founder, Dorry Kordahi says that early stage businesses should be prepared for the hard slog that can be involved with getting a major customer on board. Their recent licensing deal with Australian Read on.


DKM BLUE, the multi-award winning promotional branding and clothing company is one of the major players in a highly competitive market; it has been in existence for just four years and is the product of a merger of two kindred companies that celebrate their tenth anniversary this year.



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