Brothers Danny & Dorry Kordahi are the two founding partners of DKM Blue.

The two eldest children of migrant parents, Danny and Dorry were formerly Directors of DK Blue and DKM respectively, the entities which in 2009 merged to form DKM BLUE.


Dorry Kordahi Managing Director


Dorry Kordahi - Managing Director at DKM Blue

Dorry is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who started his company from nothing while still in in his twenties. He has won numerous business awards and made many television appearances.

He is the author of ‘The Power to Act’ and co-author of The Wealth Diaries as well as being the founding editor and proprietor of Australia’s highest circulating promotional products magazine ‘Branded’.

At just 36 he was listed as one of the hundred young rich in Australia by BRW.

Under Dorry’s guidance DKM Blue has become one of the most successful companies in its field and in addition to its core business of merchandise now has a thriving corporate clothing division and owns or licenses nine different fashion labels.

Despite all this he remains, when not travelling the globe, ‘hands-on’ and works with his team on a daily basis.

And the compulsion to succeed which has seen him reach the heights upon which he currently sits show no signs of diminishing.

His next move is gradually take his select stable of fashion brands to the international market with a host of new e-commerce sites. But he still has time to mentor budding entrepreneurs on a pro-bono basis.

Danny Kordahi Director


Danny Kordahi - Director at DKM Blue

Prior to co-founding DKM Blue, Danny had his own highly successful promotional and corporate clothing company which he started with nothing more than ‘An upturned bucket as a desk, a laptop computer and a truckload of ambition!’

That ambition culminated in his company having offices around the world and a portfolio of clients global giants, such as Mercedes-Benz and John Deere that became the envy of his peers.

A highly respected entrepreneur who was in the vanguard of e-commerce innovators he is the recipient of numerous, prestigious business awards, both for his corporate and personal achievements.

His particular focus in the world of e-commerce has been to pioneer B2B systems that allow corporations to purchase, manage inventory and cost centres even to tracking individuals’ purchase cycles.

It is telling testament to this multi-tiered system that one of the first companies to adopt it was Microsoft. A client that happily migrated to DKM Blue when Danny founded it and remains to this day.

Danny has been the president of the Sydney E.O. and a Small Business Ambassador for American Express.