1. Product Development

DKM Blue undertakes product development for customers wanting a unique item or range of items. It is DKM Blue’s credo that products bearing customers’ names and logo are often the first tangible touchpoint of that brand and are in essence, in the eyes of the public, an ambassador for it and therefore must be seen in the best light.

DKM Blue creates and manufactures items ranging from commodity lines to high-end ones. These reflect the rich diversity of our client portfolio and stand as testimony to our creative breadth. We treat all assignments with the same professionalism.
Our talented creative team will use step by step planning to ensure the final product(s) achieve the desired aesthetic outcome, necessary compliances where applicable and of course the required price-point.
Once a concept has been agreed upon a rendering of the design(s) will be prepared for the customer’s consideration.
When the final design(s) have been approved specifications are prepared and an initial approval sample will be produced for the customer’s agreement to proceed with production.

After production is commenced a further sample will be made available to the customer which is known as a ‘Production Sample’ and is supplied in order to assurer the customer that everything is correct for their order.

2. Manufacturing

From our purpose fitted, four storey head office, warehousing and logistics complex in Sydney’s Lane Cove Business District, DKM Blue oversees a sophisticated, international supply chain network.

Early recognition of the benefits of direct sourcing saw DKM Blue establish its own office in Shanghai in 2002. From this the company has forged alliances with over 200 of China’s most prestigious manufacturers, giving our clients the best possible cost benefit returns. We also have strong alliances with manufacturers in India.

In order to become a strategic manufacturing partner with DKM Blue, suppliers undergo extensive qualitative checks and balances and external auditing before being initially approved. The process is thereafter an ongoing one. Failure to adhere to our strict codes of conduct results in immediate suspension of the partnership until the breach is rectified.

Should the breach(s) not be rectified in a timely and acceptable manner the agreement is terminated.

DKM Blue is also the Oceanic partner in an exclusive Joint Venture with one of Europe’s largest Premiums suppliers, giving our customers access to an unprecedented 3000 European designs. Because this range is supported by 20,000 pallets of ready stock, delivery can be achieved within just two weeks.

All our customers are looked after by our dedicated team of industry experts which ensures the seamless management of the entire supply chain so that the customer is guaranteed delivery on time and in full.

3. Inventory Management

At the heart of DKM Blue’s Inventory Management is our inhouse-designed, Centralized Procurement Solution (DKM Blue CPS) system which allows customers to order and manage all aspects of their stock on a 24/7 basis.

This is run through client specific websites created and managed by DKM Blue’s inhouse team and is an industry benchmark of which we are immensely proud.

CPS has hierarchically layered access levels which can be set by clients so that staff can access anything from individual staff member spend to full stock and financial reporting. Also featured are predictive stock holding models so that clients can request inbuilt automatic failsafe alarms that automatically advise when inventory has to be replaced.

Our Logistics arm is capable of individually pre-kitting customer orders in both our Sydney and Shanghai warehouses then deliver to multiple addresses in Australia or overseas. This feature means individual employees, wherever they are based in the world, can receive their entitlements without the need for the customer to be burdened with the process of redistribution.

We guarantee your orders will be on time and budget.
All sites are compatible with e-purchasing orders and all major credit cards.

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