Headquartered in Sydney Australia and with offices in Shanghai, London and Beirut, DKM Blue’s sourcing encompasses the globe but with especial focus on China, where the company was at the vanguard of setting up its own office fourteen years ago giving our clients the best possible cost/benefit returns.

Our dedicated, 1500 sq. m Shanghai office and warehouse allows direct factory sourcing, obtaining the lowest price while searching out the highest quality manufacturing.

Our Shanghai operation also allows us to consolidate shipments, thereby reducing on-costs to clients. We also offer a pre-kitting service that allows clients to have merchandise despatched ready for end use at any destination in the world.

We also source product extensively from Europe and India, as well as specialist items from the USA and Canada.

DKM Blue prides itself on being fully both ISO9001 and SEDEX accredited.

DKM Blue’s policy is to seek partners who share our commitment to quality, safe products and ethical business principles. We strive to make certain the goods we procure are made in compliance with applicable law and encourage our suppliers to proactively initiate ways to continue being environmentally responsible.

At DKM Blue, we’ve implemented an approach to supplier qualification with the goal of ensuring that the facilities operated by our vendors, subcontractors and buying agents adhere to a high degree of ethical labour standards.